HSA Logo 2015Health Science Academy

H.S.A.  is a three-year elective program designed to give students who are interested in the medical or health science field, an opportunity to gain specialized knowledge, and training in high school.

During the application process, students complete a personal application, acquire a copy of their transcript, and teacher recommendations.  Once the application is submitted, students are interviewed by a panel of teachers, academy counselor, Academy Administrator and the Academy Director.

Selection is based on student’s in class performance, work ethic, demonstrated academic ability, teacher input, and interest in the health field.  It is important to the academy to maintain a diverse group of students who are all interested in preparing for their future as medical professionals.

Academy Advantages

The Academy will prepare students for an entry level career in the medical/health science field while encouraging the discovery of the different areas of medicine.

UC/CSU (“A through G”) required courses that demonstrate to colleges and universities the student is committed to education. Students will complete 4 HONORS level courses are part of the academy curriculum.

Establish professional connections as through job shadowing and/or internship at one or more local health service offices.

Working with industry professionals including: doctors, nurses, scientists and lab technicians.