Blood pressure 1

Course Sequence

10th grade

HA English 2

HA World Civilizations

HA Chemistry Honors*

HA Health Science Survey (CTE)

Math, Language, & PE/Sport or Dance

11th grade

HA English 3

HA US History & Public Health Honors*

HA Anatomy & Physiology Honors*

HA Advanced Public and Community Health (CTE)

Math, Elective (VPA) and PE/Sport or Dance

12th grade

HA Advanced English and Public Health Honors* (CTE)

HA US Government and Economics 

Science Course or ROP* (ROP requires an online application and spots are limited. It is also taught off campus.)

Math, Elective and PE/Sport or Dance

Please note: All classes that are in BOLD are Health Science Academy classes.  All non-bolded classes are non-Academy courses.  0 period is s requirement of the Academy for the first 2 years.  NO exceptions.  Admittance to the Academy requires a commitment for 3 years.

*Honors courses give an extra point for the student’s GPA (based on a 5 point scale vs. 4 point scale).

Course Descriptions for CTE (scope/sequence): 

10th grade

Health Science Survey CTE

This course examines the range of occupations in the medical and health industry.  Guest speakers from local hospitals and medical professionals frequent the class to speak with students about their careers and experiences in the field.  Students will also tour St. John’s Hospital in Oxnard.

11th grade


Advanced Public and Community Health CTE

Topics covered in this course include: Physiology, clinical applications, American Red Cross First Aid, CPR and AED training/certification, Sports Medicine and patient care.

12th grade

Advanced English and Public Health Honors CTE

Is a college and career preparatory course focused on the unification of Public Health and related issues.  Students will be guided in determining the variables affecting how to make an informed decision on a given health care issues, requiring them to determine which actions should be taken from appropriate health care in perspective of: culture, society, family, and individual (as a deliverer or receiver).