Q: When can I apply to the Health Science Academy?

A: Applications are typically available for freshman students in February or March (depending on the state testing schedule). Students have one to two weeks to complete the applications and necessary requirements. The application will be posted on our website and sent out via ParentSquare. Please also keep an eye out for announcements on Triton Talk.

Q: Do I have to interview to get into the academy?

A: Yes, you have to attend a panel interview which will include: academy teachers, counselor, academy students and an administrator.

Q: How many students are in the Health Science Academy? 

A: We have over 100 students in the academy. We have a total of 3 co-horts which includes: sophomore, junior, and senior students. Each year we accept 38 freshman students who will start as sophomores in the academy the following school year.

Q: What happens if I don’t get in to academy?

A: We keep a copy of all HSA Applications for 1 year. If we have students who drop for unforeseen reasons (move out of the area/state, become ill, etc…) we will contact our wait listed applicants. It is always a good idea to check in periodically with Mrs. Carson to ensure you are on the waiting list.

Q: How many teachers are in the academy?

A: We have a total of 7 teachers, one counselor, and one administrator aligned to our academy. There are also several support personnel at the District Office who assist with all the academies in the district.

Q: Are field trips a requirement of the academy? 

A: Yes, all students are required to attend all field trips. If a student is sick or unable to attend, they will have a make-up assignment aligned with the curriculum missed on the trip.

Q: How is the academy funded?

A: HSA is fortunate to be a California Partnership Academy. State funding is in place to support the academy needs including: field trips, supplies, and lab materials.

Q: Is there a summer reading list? 

A: Yes, please download the following file.

Summer Reading List HSA